Saturday, 5 September 2009

Je deteste

Glandular Fever!!!! Oh my god! One of the worst illnesses since life began! Its not even that bad an illness! It just makes you tired! And therefore KILLS your social life!!!!!!! The amount of things I have missed because of it... Work! School! Belladrum! Summer! One of my best friends birthdays! Actually ridiculous! And thats just the start of it.

The amount of times I have been to the doctors getting a row because apparently I'm not resting enough! I don't want my WHOLE social life killed. I mean I am a social person. I need to see SOMEONE who isn't my mum, dad or siblings!

Some people get glandular fever and they dont even know they have it. With some people it stays with you for ages. With some people it comes back... I seem to be one of those people!
And do you want to know what you can't do whilst having Glandular Fever - drink alcohol. Apparently when you have glandular fever your liver enlarges, and so if you drink alcohol it total kills your liver, which isn't very good. So whilst all my friends are out at parties drinking, I have to drink coke. I'm not too bothered about not drinking loads and loads of alcohol and getting ridiculously drunk. I'm not really into that. In fact I'm not really a great fan of alcohol. Alcopops and Kopperbergs are all I really drink. But now the friends think that I can't go to parties because I can't drink and so now I'm not invited to them! So again my social life is dying.

I hate missing out on things.

It's horrible. I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE! Not even sworn enemies! Eugh.
But now I guess I must rest. Pfffffft.

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  1. Sympathy. As you know I am also suffering with this horrible thing and it's taking months to go away.

    I don't think I have ever felt so horrible in my whole entire life.

    We'll get through it, though. It just takes time.

    At least you are young and fit and not an old hag like me.