Tuesday, 5 January 2010


2009 brought lots of good things :)
Here's my top highlights:
  • Getting my John
  • Getting my A in English :D
  • Getting good grades in general
  • Going to Paris :D
  • Getting my bookcase
  • Spending just over £40 for 14 books from Amazon. What a bargain!
  • Seeing The Mighty Boosh Live
  • Touching Noel Fielding on the arm!
  • Rockness
  • New Years Eve :)
  • Getting my swishhhh skirt
I can't think of anything else.......

But it brought lots of bad things :(
Here's my top lowlights:
  • Beth leaving :(
  • Getting Glandular Fever
  • Getting throat ulsers
  • Getting stuck in Paris in a HUGE SCARY airport BY MYSELF
  • Having no social life
  • Missing Belladrum
  • Arlene's party :|
  • Missing lots and lots of school and then having to catch up
  • LOts of snow
  • Michael Jackson died.
  • And Patrick Swayze.
  • Not having money. Ever.
  • My computer breaking.
  • Doing my UCAS form,
  • Cheeky Pete leaving the XFM london Breakfast Show
  • The end of Beth and Declan
  • Getting shouted at down the phone by Kieran
  • Getting into contact with a certain person
  • Aimee getting her hamster
This is a bitty more than the good things.......
Oh and the food on the AIR FRANCE flight was awful too.
Thank god for Granny's macaroni cheese at like midnight :P

Monday 21st December, 2009

What a disastrous day.
Monday the 21st of December was full of disasters, which really wasn't the best for my already rather emotional state due to my AIR FRANCE flight being cancelled from Paris CDG back home to Edinburgh the night before due to snow. My flight was the only one cancelled by the way.
The day started off with me and French Laura, both carrying suitcases, trying to get onto the tube. But this clearly wasn't going to happen as every single tube that passed us by was full to the brim, with people being squashed against the doors.
After the 2nd full tube passed, we decided that this was ridiculous, that I needed to be at the airport soon and that if we waited any longer that we won't be at the airport soon, at all.
But how were we going to get to the airport? The plan was to get the tube to the train station where we would eventually get to the airport. Now what were we going to do??
Finally, Laura came up with the plan to get the bus to the Stade du France train station. But it meant that I had wasted almost 10 euros. But to be honest, I had stopped caring about money. I just wanted to get home.
So we ran down the tube station to the bus, and, luckily, there was a bus waiting. So we got onto the bus, but my ticket wouldn't work, and I had no change for a new ticket! Thankfully, Laura bought me one.
So we were on a bus. Maybe our luck was going to change. No such luck.
We got to the train station, I got a new ticket (thanks to Laura) and we were on the train. But because of the stupid snow, the train was travelling really really slowly. But we got to the airport! Just before 10 in the morning.
Now all I had to do was get a different flight home and then that would be that.
So I find out where to go to change my ticket and I waited in this really long queue. But it was ok, because I was in the airport. And as long as I was there it would be ok.
SO after about half an hour in this queue, I get to the counter and here was this AIR FRANCE man who looked like a weasel and was wearing Harry Potter glasses. Anyway, he just looked at me so I started saying that my flight had been cancelled.
And as soon as I had said this, mid-sentence, he goes, "oh really," in this STUPID FRENCH SARCASTIC VOICE. And I'm like, do you want to know mister, I've had a rather stressful night, I want to get home.
But I didn't say this. No, I kept my cool and ask if I can get onto a new flight that day, preferably on the one that was running in the afternoon.
And he says rather bluntly, "That flight is full. There is no room. And it's been like that for 6 hours." And I'm like orite, ok. What about the one thats later on then.
So I get on the flight for 25 past 8 at night, and I'm on the waiting list for the flight in the afternoon - so there's a tiny glimmer of hope that I might get home in the afternoon.
So, after getting this ticket home, I'm feeling rather cheerful and buy myself and Laura some breakfast, as she got me my train and bus ticket.
We ate our breakfast and just as I was about to ask for the bill, the shutter to close the shop starts coming down. And I'm very confused and asked Laura what was going on. So she asked a waiter. Turns out that there was a piece of suspicious luggage left in the airport which could be carrying a bomb. I buried my face in my hands. This was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.
There was police and army people EVERYWHERE. Guarding shops, making sure no one tried to escape, and every single one of these people were carrying guns. It was horrible.
Finally about 45 minutes later, we're allowed out of the cafe, its safe to leave.
It was here that me and Laura said goodbye as she had to go to Saint Valery for her birthday party.
I was in Paris Charles de Gaulle, a HUGE airport, by myself. And that's quite scary when you're me.
But it was fine. I waited in the check in bit for a couple of hours, amusing myself with english work. But it was fine. There were a couple of ladies in front of me who looked ridiculous. Their hair was MENTAL. They must've been wearing wigs. It was hilarious. I took a photo.
But anyway, it was about 2ish, and the man at the AIR FRANCE ticketing bit said to check in at this time in case I get onto the afternoon flight. So I'm at the check in counter. And I'm getting served by this AIR FRANCE lady. And she was ok. But there was a problem with my ticket, and I wasn't on the waiting list for the afternoon flight apparently.
So she goes and asks for help from this other AIR FRANCE lady. And this other lady goes to me in her stupid french accent "I'm sorry madame, but your name is not on the waiting list. The flight is fully booked. And there is 6 other people on the waiting list."
This total killed me inside. There was no way I was going to get home in the afternoon, I was going to have to stay in this stupid airport for another 7 hours. I was actually so close to crying. To be honest, I'd probably have been ok if the AIR FRANCE people were nice, and that I was in a country who spoke english.
But I put my luggage through, and went to security. That was fine. And, luckily, I had a business class ticket, so I got to go to the business class lounge. Thank god.
And it was very nice, I got free food. Well, biscuits, fruit and yoghurts. And lots of hot chocolate.
I would've had a sandwich, but they were only tomato sandwiches, and I HATE tomato with a passion.
So I stayed in the lounge for about 7 hours and just did english work. And that was fine. I got loads of work done.
Anyway, it got to quarter to 8 (eventually) and I decided to go to my gate, as my flight would be boarding soon. So I got there and the screen said my flight was on time and everything. But it was now 8 o'clock, and I was supposed to be boarding at 10 to 8. But the stupid screen still said the flight was on time. Then, there's an announcement, saying that the flight has been delayed. Stupid AIR FRANCE. They're so unreliable. But anyway, at about 9, I was FINALLY on my flight home.
And I got to Edinburgh airport at about 11. But thank god I was home right?
Honestly, I don't think I'll be travelling alone again anytime soon. It was horrible. I need to have SOMEONE with me, to keep me amused.